Corvantis’ goals are to: *Provide a suite of quality health and ancillary products tailored to General Agencies, Agents, and their teams to make available to their individual clients, members, and groups. *Provide an effective enrollment platform for agents and clients *Provide excellent customer service and accounting for Agencies, Agents, and their clients.


What We Do

  • Offer Strategic Product Selection for Producers
  • Deliver Great Customer Service for Members
  • Provide Connections to Business Growth Opportunities
  • Maintain a Robust Platform for Enrollment and Customer Management
  • Ensure Compliance with Built-in Electronic Signature and Carrier Approved Websites
  • Distribute Timely and Accurate Commission Payments
  • Facilitate Effective Customer Retention
  • Render an Easy Agent Onboarding Process
  • Perform Product Training
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What We Do


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